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0.9109 I make about 3,000 a month and a lot of it goes to bills and stuff but it's definitely enough to live :) and of course I do, it's my passion
0.8842 hahaha XD yeah
0.8835 I was a pretty bad console peasant myself XD so I am glad I was able to make a difference like that!
0.8705 yeah, I have the a good day series but there is only one in the series right now XD I rarely come across a company that goes above and beyond for me
0.8621 but Bocazon has some really good points that will save you some cash
0.8573 I think Barry has a good idea of what he's doing, he doesn't just make rash decisions, he thinks things through, it's his life anyway :) if he wants to take a chance then i say go for it!
0.8338 It's a bit more advanced :) I just try to cover the component in its basic-ish form :)
0.8192 haha I need to get my short hair back XD
0.8143 good comparison XD
0.8087 :D glad I could man!
0.7925 haha may have to start making my own :D

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-0.6597 As far as I know at least :( That sucks man
-0.6486 Red dead redemption, gta v, sword with sauce, binding of isaac afterbirth +, wind waker, csgo, yonder, everything, dark souls, and dying light
-0.4588 I sold a kidney and sucked a...
-0.4404 Wait, so you got the knife, someone sent a trade, you denied it instantly and it still went through?
-0.4391 I don't think I would call any of the consoles potatoes, they are just more restricted game systems.
-0.3802 That was the exact moment that I knew I Red Dead Redemption was my favorite game ever!
-0.357 Muttley made it cuz he wanted one, that wasn't' my doing :)
-0.3182 Yeah, if my mods here ever get as strict as the ones on PCMR Imma have'ta choke a b*%ch
-0.2023 Chrono.gg buys keys in bulk directly from the developers, then sells them for cheap, if you think I'm being shady then so is totalbiscuit as he is sponsoring them as well and he hates key sites.
-0.1154 Not a single one, I have a few that I like but they all screw up and they all screw people over.
-0.1027 putting microtransactions in games you pay for
-0.0516 it may not last too long though, those games player bases leave when the next one comes out ya know?