/u/batmobile_op is a total dick!

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0.6705 Haha, you mean like this subreddit?
0.6239 Wow you're really knowledgeable dude!
0.5994 Congratulations?
0.5279 Why do you keep copy pasting this over and over to everyone as if it is some kind of perfect catch-all paragraph?
0.5279 Wow looks like I really upset you.
0.4939 Tell your friend to grow up.
0.3182 Just played on your server and it plays like shit.
0.296 Weaver Innovations, what a joke.
0.296 Yeah, of course that happened.
0.25 "I want casual sex but also I want some strings attached so I feel loved."
0.1901 I like the website but I will not be using it.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8519 Your prejudice is affecting who you communicate to and then you even have the audacity to call his work to complain about some guy saying hello to you in the mornings, even calling it harassment.
-0.8225 Dumb filthy nigger, trump is coming.
-0.7964 Fuck off you fucking traffic bot piece of shit.
-0.7777 You lose, bitch!
-0.7644 He's been banned before for the exact same thing, if his livelihood depends on having TTS enabled so bad he needs to moderate it like crazy.
-0.6597 Human error = Ice's error.
-0.6484 I'm so glad you're posting here I went through the same thing! Here's some tips for you: * Grow up * Fuck off * Bitch
-0.6131 China has restricted internet access, they don't have easy access to see western names.
-0.6124 He forgot to turn it off and someone sent a racist donation.
-0.5849 FPS extremely low which points to many many many coding errors being flagged up.
-0.5719 Hah, what a scam.
-0.5423 Where do you work so I can tell your boss you're harassing people?