/u/bathamster is kind of a dick.

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0.9059 those are truly awesome, I love how the layout is so simple but the colors and the technique make it so interesting. Definately makes me want to rewatch the movies.
0.9011 "It was good, not as good as last time but pretty funny after all"
0.8934 I want to do well in my final exam in med school and I would love to have my great grandmother there with me.
0.7578 :D they don't talk about starving to death because you get too thin :D
0.705 And honestly, this isn't a fuck up on your side.
0.7 I'm healthy but i would feel more comfortable with a little less. stop smoking finally
0.6705 I hope it helps a little.
0.6705 I would honestly like to offer another perspective of this situation.
0.6697 Don't know what I've expected. Nevertheless it is a beautiful video and makes me really want to experience the northern lights live.
0.631 Telling the truth should never be considered a fuck up even if it is not what the other person expected to hear.
0.5697 buuuut we surely will really like all of you even though you are green and have odd looking eyes!"

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-0.8885 For example, some people have died of heart failure during the fast, while another died on the 13th day of his fast from small bowel obstruction.
-0.8555 After going through the fear of such a diagnosis she found herself confronted with the fact that she apperently also behaved like a bitch and that you are disappointed by her.
-0.8481 Cancer is a bitch.
-0.7783 ok, i fucked up with this one, there are no black strawberries =/ a few years ago i read about them on the internet and a lot of people bought seeds.
-0.7748 How she reacted wasn't fair and mature but it was the reaction of a human being that got hurt.
-0.6908 I don't know your whole situation and can in no way know how bad the behaviour of your mother was in the past.
-0.6858 It may work fine but it could result in damaging your heart, intestines, bones or even nerves.
-0.6705 this makes me sad =/
-0.6697 She recently posted a new one from Arrietty. Sadly it is only a January project so I don't think there will be too many more :/
-0.6597 Cancer also affects your mind, your thinking.
-0.6164 I would try to buy one with really thick glass walls though. The only problem I had was that the glass got a bit stained on the inside from the baking process which didn't look that nice.
-0.6124 It would lack isolation, windows, doors, a proper roof and so on.