/u/ballon00 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9359 Wow amazing thank you beautiful!
0.8999 Me to thanks for the awesome photos would love to see that sweet ass !
0.8718 Looks like she is doing a great job luck man there!
0.8718 Beautiful thanks for sharing!
0.8394 Nice view needs to be a little closer but very beautiful!
0.8356 You look like you feel pretty good to me!
0.8264 Nice like in that big clit very nice!
0.8254 very beautiful thanks!
0.8172 I'd love to see that sweet body!
0.8122 I could help that fit better for you!
0.8016 Yes ma'am I'd love to!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.63 Ok but next time I cum back it's with dick loaded!lol
-0.5983 Shit happens keep your head up!
-0.5848 Ass and thigh man!
-0.5411 Makes me want to pull it and smack your ass!
-0.3182 I really don't understand coming here to give a show and then tease ?
-0.3147 Hello!Sweet ass you should show it your here to show off right with a body like that we want to see!
-0.1635 We had miner wind damage but definitely no cloths blown off !
-0.1511 Sorry to hear that!
-0.1278 Sweet little ass you got there!
-0.0516 Way better then fake
0.0 Not at all !
0.0 I'd have made you do a lot !