/u/badmankelpthief is a total dick!

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0.8392 That guy is actually fucking crazy lol, never had someone on reddit so interested in me, I was flattered, looks like you're getting the same amount of attention.
0.659 Very original little kid, repeating exactly what I said to you already lol.
0.659 Ok those screenshots are all really good actually
0.6276 You are so weird it's pretty entertaining
0.5859 Wow thats fucking pathetic...
0.5411 [Here's one I drew using paint a few years ago, enjoy!
0.4939 That's pretty gay
0.4404 Good, he should be removed from his position
0.4404 You probably got called it alot growing up yeah?
0.4215 I don't understand why you keep making things up lol
0.4215 Fucking listen to yourself lol.

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-0.886 Fuck off you pathetic cunt.
-0.8625 That's weird you already said that about 20 times since you attempted to fuck with me a few days ago faggot.
-0.8442 There are no practicing communists in your country because America isn't a communist country you stupid fuck
-0.7906 If I worked there the fat cunts face would be gettin rubbed in that broken glass
-0.7717 Nothing wrong with being gay though if you are, I'm not a fucking homophobic piece of shit.
-0.7506 It must be terrible hating yourself
-0.7351 You should just have uploaded these pictures in the OP lol, your shit is still all fucked up
-0.7102 You also posted in the same subs though, so you are also being a hypocritical little cunt too.
-0.7096 I hope all these people die horrifically
-0.7089 Those are discusting fucking hell
-0.705 You are a caracature of a shitty troll that doesn't understand humor so just acts like an autist cunt.
-0.6908 There's are no communists in your country, why the fuck would there be gay communists?