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0.8979 I love Okuyasu and Polnareff, best supports <3.
0.8442 I'm fully aware of this, I've enjoyed it myself with Melee on Anther's ladder, but like how InfamousLuffy pointed out, I'm lacking a powerful enough computer atm to do so.
0.836 I'd love to see SS and Tang actually do this event in perfect recreation.
0.7346 Amazing stuff, really well done.
0.701 I figured as much, I just used the translation of "yes" because I find it humorous, it's kind of a play on words on the taunt Kirby does as well.
0.6989 That's fucking glorious!
0.6946 I'd agree, but Boom is significantly more active than Isai.
0.6523 My god, THANK YOU.
0.6486 Just think of all the interrupted approaches he would cause, ah true bliss.
0.6478 Dang, I guess I misinterpreted guilty pleasure music as just good music that I really like.
0.6369 Gotta love how Ken still places.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.685 Oh no, he wasn't ready lol.
-0.4939 Well Killer Queen has a B in speed, so...
-0.4588 The final bounce on the trampoline makes the user helpless, and P1 happened to land on it's final bounce.
-0.4588 Unfortunate.
-0.4215 But sadly it seems highly unlikely itll ever happen.
-0.34 A one frame mistake on Hbox' behalf.
-0.34 Remove landing lag on spacies lasers.
-0.296 He lagged out, not intentional disconnect.
-0.2732 Ah, I read it in that context, my bad :p
-0.25 I had learned how to L cancel with Link as a kid.
-0.1045 Really good stuff, holy shit.
-0.0572 Wouldn't doubt that lol.