/u/azurelis is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.784 Awesome, thank you!
0.784 Awesome, thank you so much!
0.7777 Would love an add, please!
0.7574 Thank you, wonderful person!
0.7345 Sweet, thanks for letting me know!
0.7339 Added, I'd really appreciate an add back, thanks!
0.6996 Sweet, thank you!
0.6793 Please add me, I'd really appreciate it if you could!
0.6696 Added, I'd love to get Larvesta especially!
0.6598 :P Sure I'll give it a shot, just please be patient with me cause I'm not that efficient with all the conversions and trimming...
0.6588 Added, would be awesome if I could get a Luxio!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.5859 [I took a stab at it.] But just realized now it might not be the format you want...
-0.4404 still don't know what's in it though :(
-0.4215 Added, been trying to get Whirlipede for awhile but no one's added back...
-0.3612 The style reminds me of the Zilla Critter cages, though I could be mistaken since they only seem to go to 40 gallons.
-0.34 And let me know if I messed any of them up.
-0.2484 I think I could upload it as a straight up gif but I'd probably shrink and crop it down to the minimum so it wouldn't be a huge file...
-0.1779 If anyone else is looking for clips from the game I can try and get them some time, as long as I'm able to replicate the weird roundabout way I went with these ones.
0.0 Together we have a hearty dinner
0.0 The little 1" round button with the sleeping A.D.?
0.0 and the fact that I haven't slept for over 24 hours
0.0 This punk was hardcore, running water and even cold water dunking did nothing!