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0.8442 Good luck maintaining that level of excitement for a month and a half, buddy.
0.8225 The beautiful skies are just a happy byproduct of living in San Diego.
0.8122 Sure looks like fun, though! [Artist's Site] | [Artist on Aurora]
0.803 I'm not sure if all agencies offer this, but I think most of the folks at other agencies I've talked to would probably be happy to do so for their photographers as well.
0.7906 For a smaller stock agency like ours, it's mutually advantageous to have our photographers represent us - any sales that result of their promotion of their stock photos benefit both them and us.
0.7876 It will probably create a few undesirable ares that will need clean up, but it should take the lines out, so clean up should go faster. Work on a copy of the original layer so you can reference it.
0.7845 Matt had to get up pretty early in the morning to capture the perfect balance of night & morning, sky & earth, and city & nature.
0.765 There are many great images of Devil's Tower - I like the way this one fills the frame, with one tree in the lower-right corner to really give the scale of the tower itself.
0.7506 Aurora Photos is an image archive that gets great outdoor and adventure photography from photographers around the world.
0.7501 The most popular one I'm aware of uses Processing, which is free.
0.7351 Alfred specializes in sports photography - and has some great underwater photography as well.

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-0.6667 It's not quite so scary to barn door when you're clipped into a line, and looking down might not induce such sweaty palms in the heavy fog.
-0.4728 Totally my misunderstanding.
-0.2732 Sometimes I go a little overboard with color correction and don't notice until I've collapsed all my layers.
-0.2732 If I just need to pull it back slightly, I'll sometimes use the history brush with a low opacity to scale it back a little.
-0.2023 Strange too many times...
-0.1603 Adobe might not appreciate it as much, but I can't see anyone objecting.
-0.1511 Sorry about that!
0.0 If the lines are straight/on a grid, you could use the spot healing brush .
0.0 My name is Nate.
0.0 Mat Rick took this photo of NYC's upper West side shortly after moving to the city in 2015.
0.0 I had to tap out of this link - Is there absolutely zero formatting for anyone else? Oh..
0.0 mobile link on desktop.