/u/astroboy_16x is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.836 Wow it looks great
0.8356 Wow amazing!
0.8271 Thanks for sharing :)
0.8176 Wow such perfection.
0.8122 Love the view and the hair looks good!
0.8042 I know this older post but I absolutely love this picture
0.8016 That's for sharing you look great!
0.7959 I know there's tons of comments here but I love this photo of you!
0.7506 I'd love to join you.
0.7184 We all have needs :) haha
0.7184 Playing is the best

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.3595 and no Id dont know or have seen posts till now!
-0.2755 There's nothing like seeing a girl in the shower .
-0.1027 Yeah I'm home alone myself feeling bored too
-0.0572 Don't stop cutie
-0.0516 If my roommate would leave I'd be walking around half naked too.
0.0 Oh my gosh!
0.0 Youre welcome!:)
0.0 You and me both
0.0 By showing you my big cock:)
0.0 Got room for another?
0.0 Take a shower?:)
0.0 What did you have in mind?