/u/asmabala is kind of a dick.

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0.9455 Obviously not all of these possible consequences will happen to you, but some of them certainly will, and others will happen to your loved ones and future children, assuming you even can love.
0.8885 Look up "benevolent sexism" and realize that paying lip service to how awesome and empowered women are usually in practice accomplishes the reverse of feminism.
0.875 Secondly, there is a strong social component to her behavior; she is romanticizing being angsty and her friends are validating it.
0.8625 Well while you were in college giving yourself a change at a better career, she wasn't because she was taking care of YOUR child and sacrificing her own future for your son's.
0.8225 With that sentiment I wish you good luck in your eventual divorce.
0.8122 Love builds over time from other things one of the most important of which is compatibility which has intellectual/ethical components as well.
0.8112 Oh my god, you are one of those guys who wants a fucking award for not beating the mother of their child.
0.802 You should focus on co-parenting, because your child will do best if both parents have a respectful and equal co-parenting relationship with each other.
0.7845 I hope he comes to terms with his diagnosis and accepts some help I know therapy and medication made my symptoms much more manageable.
0.7783 The best case scenario, he helps her get on her feet.
0.7579 People can help and support people they resent, sometimes without being fully aware of their true feelings.

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-0.965 I frown on suicide *threats* too, but it's just not true that genuinely suicidal people never *talk* about suicidal ideation.
-0.9393 Oh ffs he deserves to feel trapped, he got a high school girl pregnant when he was 24 and abandoned his teen bride and the resultant child and you are calling her the controlling evil one.
-0.936 Wait until global warming, unchecked, becomes a global catastrophe, sparking wars and poverty and destroying your children's future.
-0.9349 They only upside of the election result is that I know some of you assholes will live miserable lives or literally die as a result of your failure to vote against Trump.
-0.9186 For many people, especially those under 25 or who are at risk for developing bipolar disorder, antidepressants can worsen mental health problems and even increase the likelihood of suicide.
-0.9118 Wait for when you lose your job after the economy crashes because Trump instituted a bullshit trade war that drives up the price of goods and services to levels no one can afford.
-0.9001 I would save it for emergenciespsychosis, *immediate* danger of suicide, credible threats to harm siblings, etc.
-0.891 Half the disorders in the DSM could contribute to anger problems, mood swings, and abusive behavior.
-0.891 It is known to randomly cause sudden death. It is horrifying to think of someone parenting a small child while abusing this substance.
-0.8625 Wait until you have a gay or trans child and they kill themselves because they were born in to a society than no longer allows them to be married or use the damn bathroom.
-0.8535 You got recognition for being a really, really shitty person, but not as shitty as you could have possibly been if you dug real, real deep.
-0.8481 Dealing with their emotional shit by hurting the people around them is what *makes* a person a bad person.