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0.902 I'm a little bemused by the pre-analysis conclusions but the others sound like nice ways to be a good person!
0.879 Interesting but I think I'd be more interested in a full size split KB, the 40% size seems pretty restrictive.
0.836 I'm pretty interested right now, PMing :)
0.8338 That's a really great reply, thanks for being so thorough!
0.8162 On the other hand there's the ability to flash over new layouts so I'm excited for that!
0.8126 Would love it if our competitor was doing it to us, just make sure you're not spending their money with clickfraud ;)
0.8118 So excited to hear about this, be sure to announce the new round here loud and proud!
0.8074 There's also the data highlighter in search console that's pretty awesome.
0.807 Awesome links, thanks for the referenced!
0.7964 Possess grit, passion, and a great can-do-attitude.
0.7845 Looks awesome, nice that it's written in python.

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-0.7088 I'm definiatly seeing if I can make 'retargeted hell' a thing in the office!
-0.6489 We get source spam all the time but never anything fun.
-0.4877 The arrow keys I can really see being problematic.
-0.34 especially as I break so many of my mugs :/
-0.296 Do some research and stop spreading bollocks.
-0.2263 That's fair, I'd heard that and I'm prepared for the worst.
-0.2023 going to be strange.
-0.1126 not really, clears aren't my cup of tea 2.
-0.1027 How hard was the conversion? Edit: I've just seen the plugin separator bit.
0.0 Really looking forward to adding some of these to my to-do list!
0.0 Request context and envision the answer before you start the work 2.
0.0 Iterate and collaborate 3.