/u/arachnopope is kind of a dick.

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0.836 It's great people are trying to inform and be informed about history, but they keep trying to cover several hundreds of years or super complex topics in 5-10 minute videos.
0.8271 Thanks and best wishes.
0.8074 They liberate Great Britain, which after the landings goes pretty smoothly.
0.8012 I really hope that despite their disgustingness they're incredibly benevolent.
0.7783 Wrt the power of the rich in Rome, I'd say that's pretty accurate.
0.7684 I know it's unrealistic but how great would it be if every city-state had a Leader?
0.7506 R1: USA definitely wins this before the 50s end, maybe before they even start.
0.6908 They purposefully created the perfect conditions for plague. 2.
0.6908 Nice subtle Holocaust denial bro, that's good work.
0.6858 This may be dumb but what if we nominated every comment as best comment?
0.6808 A good deal of Spanish colonization and conquest was justified by claiming they were doing to to bring Christianity to the heathens.

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-0.9517 Maybe people don't like nationalism because its been the cause of horrible amounts of hatred, suffering and violence in the West.
-0.9393 On an institutional level Wermarcht soldiers committed war crimes including execution of prisoners, mass murders, the rounding up of Jews to be sent to camps, and rapes.
-0.9231 I'm not Indigenous either, but to my understanding the plastic and fake feathers are still offensive to them as a cheap and obviously fake imitation is still disrespectful.
-0.9224 I do generally dislike violence, but the guy is an outright Fascist, and that in my view is grounds for a beating.
-0.901 To avoid his they might try to invade new lands, but this would stress their country even more, as the war had cost Germany greatly .
-0.8591 Yeah I'm on my main account, deal with it. The fact that you losers will sit here and fucking defend ROBERT BARATHEON AND HIS USURPERS DOGS to the death is disgusting.
-0.8252 It absolutely blows my mind how little the worst violence in Europe since WW2 is discussed.
-0.802 The fate of the Jews in Madagascar was to be disease, starvation and crippling poverty and violent oppression for any survivors.
-0.7587 Just found /r/TalesfromLifeguarding but it seems kinda dead.
-0.7501 Seriously man that's an absolutely fucked way of thinking.
-0.7303 I've gone from PS2 to PS3 to PS4 but I'm tired of losing the games each time, and I don't think I'm alone.
-0.7269 Not to mention a lack of foreign troops on German soil during WW1 fed into the Stab in the Back myth.