/u/apenia is kind of a dick.

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0.8834 Fun fact - Gary Oldman's best role was in the underrated film State of Grace.
0.6597 I bet he talks about how white people like him need to be better allies to PoC.
0.6369 Love the Murdoch Murdoch.
0.6249 In the words of the great prophet Daniel Carver... Wake up wyatt payple.
0.5473 LOL G'head.
0.4939 From all the laughing.
0.4939 Diversity is a strength.
0.474 More like Popov-Smirinoff syndrome!
0.4404 She was good in The Wonder Years.
0.4404 Good thing you're here to defend the less evolved.
0.3818 He is the definition of a "SJW" comedian.

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-0.8225 Dumb nigger.
-0.8074 Dumb whores.
-0.7901 Those damn racist statistics!
-0.743 I heard he fucked Tig's tits into oblivion.
-0.743 Will Hate Facts upset the jewboy Greenstein?
-0.6908 Cosby is a rape ape, though.
-0.6597 Shut up, faggot.
-0.6597 Mike David is a kike faggot
-0.6597 Those boring old fake FBI statistics.
-0.6597 I'd say that is regressive considering the state of most non white countries. Faggot.
-0.5859 The FBI stats are bullshit, they include mexicans and sandniggers in the "white" category. Can you imagine the *actual* disparity?
-0.5719 Those people hate soap.