/u/anr1 is very positive!

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0.8553 Yes please, that would be great!
0.8122 Thanks guys, love the outfits!
0.7964 Great choices, especially the Pokemon scrap mechanic, one of my favourites haha
0.7759 Thank you so much, what a gorgeous dog
0.7644 what a lovely smile you have!
0.7547 Hoping to do something along those lines with them but im not sure ill have time to order one so might have to try and make one myself haha.
0.7257 Thank you, looking very festive!
0.705 I love you guys but i sounded like Appsro by the end of this
0.69 You'd think he'd be rewarded for surviving a whole gears game, almost an impossible task for a Carmine!
0.6794 I watched a YouTube video by Top 5s, that explained this really well, with different examples as well as a few reasons why it might happen.
0.6696 Love the hat!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7978 Like an enemy that can slow down enemies in a small area. Would Mei and her ult not class as a hero that does this?
-0.7121 Cant tell if hes trying to do that subtly or if he just doesnt care about obviously trying to insult Brian
-0.6187 Yes, but Rey is in the Star Wars world
-0.5423 If they're a bad dancer
-0.4003 Unfortunately I'm from the UK, so i think paying would be the cheeper option!
-0.3862 This was almost as frustrating to watch as their portal series.
-0.3818 When Brendan started saying it would be stupid to stop doing a podcast and going for a TV show because 'the grass isnt always greener' i actually laughed out loud.
-0.3818 Which Fight Compantion does Eddie call him out on?
-0.3649 Came across it on instagram so I'm not sure, still gave me the creeps though!
-0.3612 People fighting and rioting over sports, mainly football in the UK.
-0.3182 it happens quite a lot due to the delay.
-0.1779 I have a keyboard plugged in so i can use text chat on games like Gears of War 4, but for some reason you aren't able to on overwatch.