/u/anotherdawkins is kind of a dick.

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0.9052 I'm sorry, but I take great pleasure in the suffering of Trump supporters.
0.7964 And if they catch you in a tree, aim those kicks right at the nose and hope for the best.
0.7901 With that glorious mane he looked like a bear in the water!
0.7506 Yeah, be sure to let us know when Trump does anything good.
0.75 You have to go as Les Grossman next year. But pretty good Lahey for a young guy!
0.6705 Not only did it get this 42 yo guy pregnant, I'm pretty sure the fetus is also pregnant.
0.6705 Funny that it only helps Republicans.
0.6659 So much energy he had to ride a good cart while other world leaders walked....... So much energy he still hasn't filled the positions he is supposed to, and no Congress is not delaying it.
0.6597 I ask, because you have to be being paid to say that, or you make Trump look like a genius if you really believe he has been doing a good job.
0.6588 Oh man, English teachers would have a great time with you!
0.6369 Best blowjob ever.

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-0.9413 That way, he just gets ass raped in prison over and over again before he gets shanked for being stupid.
-0.8957 Yeah, killing terrorists is always a bad thing.......
-0.8442 Alien : Fuck It, I'm just here for the paycheck, to hell with the story.
-0.8416 https://ourpublicservice.org/issues/presidential-transition/political-appointee-tracker.php Now I'm sure you'll cry FAKE NEWS, but I don't care if you cannot accept facts.
-0.8316 And that was followed immediately by war, and more war.
-0.8286 Your FAKE NEWS cries have no power here.
-0.8016 She even has a bad fake smile that looks more like disgust, like he might actually be balls deep in her ass.
-0.7964 There should be one punishment for poaching, death.
-0.743 I'm already indifferent after TFA, but if I hear this happened I'm done with Star Wars.
-0.7096 To avoid insanity.
-0.6908 Just kill them.
-0.6908 That's a whole lot of wrong and misinformed in one statement.