/u/ankush_sharma is very positive!

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0.8591 Yeah pretty with some stats as well :)
0.8511 So, the best way would be start using any open source software written in programming languages you know and see if you can improve it on the way ;)
0.7861 Thanks, I will improve this ;)
0.7506 Well, thanks for giving feedback.
0.7346 Yeah, it makes playing with the app more easy.
0.7263 Thanks, I will improve this !
0.7184 Thanks, Yeah I have okay savings stacked up.
0.6588 Nothing special, the markov chain keeps on growing and growing !
0.6124 Well thanks for the patch, just noticed it now.
0.6115 Actually I am very passionate about what I do and want to give it a shot for once in my life.
0.6114 yeah, agree with you !

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-0.4019 just fixed the index error.
-0.1027 Just released a new update, can you please report on the index error ?
-0.0531 yeah this need to be fixed, npyscreen not playing well.
-0.0516 I have mentioned a workaround for your problem on github, and agree with you on default theme thing.
0.0 So, I did a pull request to one of the libraries I wad using.
0.0 That's all, nothing much.
0.0 I omitted it just for focusing on the main commands.
0.0 saying about "top" not "htop".
0.0 try CTRL + L while its on !
0.0 It's a known issue with few terminals, will fix this in new release
0.0 Wasn't aware of that.
0.0 Fixes Update : https://github.com/black-perl/ptop#changelog