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0.9707 I know it's not a brush, but if you haven't already tried the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge or Beauty Blender I'd very strongly recommend giving them a try.
0.9371 I used to play WoW, and as much as I enjoyed it, I'm enjoying FFXIV a lot more because as a newer game, it has the privilege of newer graphics.
0.928 The quality is great, but I can neatly fit them into the pretty Book of Shadows palettes I have, and I can choose which colors I want.
0.9269 A tremendous thanks again to /u/jkalea for the amazing products!! I've been playing with these for days now and I really do love them.
0.9018 Thanks! The "RT" Miracle Complexion Sponge is sold at Ulta. Pixie Epoxy is an indie sticky base made by Fyrinnae, and Darling Girl is the indie company that make's Glitter Glue!
0.8929 I always get so excited when I see people say they're feminists on Reddit since it goes pretty strongly against the grain on most of Reddit :)
0.8885 Where do you go?** It depends on the amount of money I have and how much planning I could do, but ideally I'd love to visit east Asia, particularly China, South Korea, or Japan one day.
0.8883 I have limited experience with powder foundation, but I've been very happy with the Flawless Feline coverage.
0.8866 I've never created a color I dislike this way, but I'm pretty generous as far as liking just about every color. The only difficulty I've ever experienced with this was with pressing mattes.
0.8834 I could totally see this being a great everyday look. I think you could benefit from using a heavier hand with the dip brow.
0.8829 Thanks so much for hosting and thanks to everyone for the congratulations!!

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-0.7101 It was never really an issue in either case because we seemed to see eye to eye that religion doesn't make someone a good or bad person.
-0.7096 If it looks messy, I pat on more of the base color where it looks like I screwed up, and If I overblend and the color gets dull, I pat some more on for vibrancy.
-0.7007 I'm not usually wowed by red lipstick, but damn, that color was made for you!
-0.6696 My inner child wants these so bad.
-0.6562 Since blush in the sizes you have takes years to get through, these blushes are just slowly going bad without getting any love if you keep them around like this.
-0.6124 The starter eye brush set was disappointing for me as well :( The Deluxe Crease Brush and Brow Brush were too bulky for me to be able to use them.
-0.6072 What kind of frames do you have, and have you tried contacts? I wear half-frames, and though they're not a perfect solution, I've gotten used to how they look with my eye makeup.
-0.588 **What are you going to do in 2015?** I don't really know yet :( **Are you a City mouse or Country mouse?** Suburb mouse!
-0.5719 My mom, who has no interest in fitness at all, told me I was the rude one for coming to such an unwarranted conclusion. Whatever guys Im gonna get ripped as shit.
-0.5267 If we stop idealizing "pure bred" dogs, a lot of this unnecessary suffering could be reduced because the demand would decline.
-0.5023 Alternatively lasik has been increasingly available, but that also has risks and wouldn't work for dry eyes like mine :(
-0.4939 Other pure bred breeds are prone to exceptionally high rates of specific and otherwise rare illnesses due to inbreeding and selective breeding.