/u/anabeingbored is very positive!

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0.9505 I can't think of any interesting questions, but that's so cool wow :) Are you gonna interview him personally, as in actually meeting him?
0.9217 I don't know anything about copyright, but that's an awesome idea :D
0.9042 That's wonderful, and you sound like such a sweet partner :)
0.8922 They've been getting quite a lot of attention lately so you've probably at least heard of them and the new album, but old stuff is great too :)
0.866 I'd say he reminds me of Ed Sheeran, but he is really good :)
0.8583 I really enjoy their "two guys talking" style and I'm for some reason really interested in their opinions on flags, watches and other stuff even though I'm not interested in all of those things.
0.8393 But they're good friends, so we'll hopefully see eachother as much as possible.
0.836 Kinda lines up with your username :) I hope you find her, that would make for a cute story.
0.8176 I'm pretty sure it was :)
0.802 I love how you're bobbing along with the camera :)
0.7964 Wanted to say exactly that :) they're great

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-0.6801 That's upsetting, I'm getting really worried now.
-0.6705 This whole 50 Shades thing seems like it portrays a terribly unhealthy relationship, and there are people in the world fantasizing about being in a similar one.
-0.5423 I'm literally the same, this is getting bad
-0.4767 even the smell is terrible.
-0.4404 b..b..but spotify is not available in my country :(
-0.4019 She just sounds so agressive about her opinions and doesn't have any actual arguments?
-0.3612 I just generally don't know how to act in difficult situations.
-0.3291 Sorry if it's a stupid question, but how do you print a shirt at home?
-0.287 It was funny at first, but people keep mentioning it for some reason and it's now kinda annoying tbh.
-0.2755 I don't even think I did anything to make it this way - it's not like I used to drink a bunch of it and now I'm too used to it or anything.
-0.2716 Though associating with their fanbase seems to have become sort of a strange deal.
-0.2484 Does everybody else's stream also look really weird blocky and green?