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0.8979 It went great, I was the opening act for the event yesterday and seemed like I did pretty well.
0.892 I'll also be playing right before him so I'm super excited haha.
0.8845 I wanted to make it really solid because I really wanted to impress the guy that booked me and he said I was mixing really good and that he really liked it.
0.8735 i love everyone thank you for this opportunity goodbye
0.8625 I wish I was at Life is Beautiful haha.
0.8338 I wasn't able to pick up tickets for Redux but I'm glad that it was a good one.
0.8338 Won't be attending, but yeah, happy for you two.
0.7717 If you'd like, if you have any finished tracks, I'd love to hear them.
0.7644 Glad you had fun!
0.7351 I don't know if that would be a good idea to be honest.
0.6659 This is my first time going to a Kaskade show so I'm really excited to see what it's going to be like.

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-0.5719 Yeaaaah I hate that place too.
-0.1027 Nah, that wasn't me.
0.0 almost did
0.0 It was an opening act for a local EDM show.
0.0 People mispronouncing my name all throughout school.
0.0 One day it just kinda clicked and now I'm here.
0.0 I think I might've left before he did tbh
0.0 Ghastly's set stood out to me for his opening with Pokemon.
0.0 Childhood every where.
0.0 There's probably gonna be a ton of traffic since it's LA and the concert so.
0.0 I don't know what time I'll be getting there yet.
0.0 Can't wait for today.