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0.9081 Brilliant work :) Let me know however I can help contribute, and thanks for putting this up.
0.908 Reserved seating, no texting or talking during showtime, interesting reels played before the movie, great food, quirky movies every week - it's all great!
0.8752 In Bruges - so funny, so well shot, so good.
0.8622 Super glad you shared this!
0.8588 Interesting, thank you - I'm definitely even more curious to learn more about this now.
0.8588 Super helpful - thank you!
0.8555 Interesting - Herald Sq seemed like the best option in general for commute.
0.8519 If I could fly out or fly you out, I'd love to as well :)
0.8516 I'm interested as well, and would love to get in touch !
0.8442 Fantastic, thank you for answering :)
0.8437 I'd probably prefer to do it through NLTK since that would be the best way to scale the solution, but if not, internet access should not be a problem if the solution is WolframAlpha.

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-0.7717 Inglourious Basterds - Christoph Waltz just kills it with his polite menace in the opening scene.
-0.7088 Damn :( I just moved out of there!
-0.5267 To always try and understand that when someone else's rules, principles, behavior or way of life don't match mine, or if they hurt my sentiments, it's their life and their choice.
-0.4767 It's a shame more cricket coverage doesn't do this.
-0.3818 The NSLog of the variable was a silly error on my part, I'm usually aware of that.
-0.3612 Doubt he even picked up that nick.
-0.3182 The series in 2004 where India lost to Australia at home.
-0.2755 It's not like it was done on purpose, unless Bailey is so highly skilled at gamesmanship that he knows not to look back when he nicks a ball.
-0.2755 It's a fairly straightforward implementation of one of the FFT functions, but it's not comprehensive.
-0.2263 It's helped me move on and be able to disagree healthily with a lot of people while reasoning it out and eventually growing in life.
-0.1833 Daphne : That's not fair, are you saying men don't use sex to get what they want ? Frasier : How can men use sex to get what they want ?
-0.1779 I was at the first showing at the Alamo Drafthouse and no one was there to greet me as well :(