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0.9392 I love this sort of stuff because I love DIYing cosmetics and learning about what goes into them outside of marketing and advertising. Good luck with your husband's hands!
0.899 Both are lipstick mattes, so aren't quite as matte as a liquid-to-dry one, but they have pretty great staying power.
0.8934 Yeah, I compared it more to Uber's ranking to "keep you on your best behaviour" rather than Instagram likes. Edit: and Yelp ratings and things like that.
0.8748 Since it did fade decently quickly it did fade into a lovely blonde Good luck!
0.8747 I mean Sydney is pretty cool imo but I fucking love Brisbane. ^^also ^^hush ^^about ^^Melbourne, ^^people
0.8459 Your tactile sense will probably feel different so practice a bit first I suppose. I've never tried this but good luck!
0.8221 It looks pretty great right now!
0.8115 Definitely take a more well lit photo next time so we can see your face makeup more clearly!
0.7959 I don't think the one I have is foam, but I definitely don't mean the conditioner that comes in the pack, thank you though!
0.7906 I agree with your essay writing analogy - thank you for the advice :)
0.7901 I think I'm gonna have to try the Rimmel one because you're the second person to recommend it and I love Rimmel's liquid foundation!

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-0.6908 That was a red herring to the murder.
-0.6813 I got so, SO angry at that episode.
-0.6808 That eye cream stops me looking tired no matter how much I don't sleep, although I've been told it's not a concealer and shouldn't have these magical powers; it does.
-0.6124 Excuse my ignorance, but what is blocking?
-0.6009 I'd go and buy a different glue though, the one that comes with them smells really weird and for that price I don't quite trust it haha...
-0.5994 Horrifically unoriginal....
-0.552 Also wouldn't putting an acid on my hair be very drying and damaging?
-0.5423 Just a stream of consciousness with bad typos about *everything* that happened in this episode.
-0.5106 Firstly: sick makeup .
-0.5057 I have so many conflicting theories!
-0.4926 I'll use it with abandon then!
-0.4588 I'm a bit confused between the difference in some mythical product that apparently makes blonde hair blonde, and just purple conditioner - I seriously just thought they were the same thing.