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0.8176 Hilarious, great battle system, fun world/characters.
0.8122 I highly recommend checking out the rest of his gallery. Thanks for all the support, r/fantasy.
0.8074 Full of rich, varied, interesting and deep women, I guarantee you won't find any weepy damsels or snarky girlsthough I'm not sure anyone can be called a "heroine."
0.762 I'm actually quite fun at parties.
0.7564 Ana and Renay are both very well-read, intelligent, and enthusiastic fans, which shows in their discussions.
0.7543 Similarly, *The Shadow Rising* is the best volume in *Wheel of Time*, but there's still a lot of good reading after that.
0.7424 Excellent novel!
0.7351 I got my first Gameboy when I was kid, with Tetris and Super Mario Land, and have been a fan of the system ever since.
0.7351 It's free and easy to do.
0.7351 You might like [Fan Girl Happy Hour].
0.6908 Keep readingit's a terrific trilogy, and the growth of the characters from start to finish rivals anything else Hobb's done.

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-0.7811 Their prices are in USD, but they're based out of Quebec, so no customs charges and quick shipping within Canada.
-0.7506 I had some trouble getting the wire to stay connected to the battery's negative output.
-0.6124 Ethereal Tu M offers Farid passage, but at a cost: defeat the warlock that holds Tu M's village in her blood-soaked fist.
-0.6124 Ethereal Tu M offers Farid passage through the mountains, but at a cost: defeat the warlock Wu-jiu, who holds the village of TtHsiung in her blood-soaked fist.
-0.5994 But between here and there are highways crawling with rebels, and a range of sky-scraping mountains riddled with blood ghosts, k-dan, and worse.
-0.5719 You're supposed to hate Kyle.
-0.5574 The main conflict in the series is about interracial conflict and xenophobia.
-0.5574 Getting the itch to load up *Advance Wars 2: Black Hole Rising*.
-0.5499 I had a few false starts over the past few years, but have always been turned off by the sluggish 50hz/PAL version.
-0.528 *Elfstones* is certainly my favourite of the *Shannara* series, and its high water mark, but that's not to say that many of the novels that follow aren't good and worth reading on their own.
-0.5267 But between here and a range of sky-scraping mountains riddled with danger.
-0.4767 Oh, Bolas, what are you doing to that poor pyramid?