/u/aconcernedpal is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.891 As a sushi lover and a foot lover this may be my favorite post
0.8427 Looking very cute, I love the bush!
0.8313 what a lovely way to celebrate!
0.8313 this 19yo absolutely loves it, the view and all ;) maybe I could give you a better one?
0.8172 oh my goodness, I love your nipples!
0.8126 I'd love to take care of them once you get off
0.8122 my goodness, they look great!
0.8016 Looking super cute!
0.8016 super cute!
0.8016 They look super cute!
0.784 this 19yo would love to play with you!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6825 And they look so terribly soft
-0.5216 I guess we get to see bare even despite your love for heels huh?
-0.3612 It's lazy sunday after all
-0.357 I didn't even realize haha.
-0.3117 I really want to fuck your handful ;)
-0.296 please sit that ass on this 19yo's face
-0.2411 I'm not sure where I'd even start
-0.2023 Not that I'm complaining either way
-0.0516 I just wish I could suck them.
0.0 Maybe a morning massage?
0.0 Mind if I add seconds?
0.0 This view is unreal!