/u/_vieman_ is a total dick!

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0.6908 Watching whitey get cucked is good entertainment.
0.6597 There's like 2 good looking women in that list and they're both Mallu.
0.6369 Although I would love to participate in the ending your race, I think the Asian women, blacks, and Muslims have that one covered.
0.5994 Why do Northies play around in the mud like pigs?
0.5719 Cows are delicious
0.4939 Hentai and lolis will save India.
0.4588 She is cute?
0.4215 lol @ u protein-less northies
0.4019 Definitely Kerala
0.3724 Is there any part of her body and/or personality that's not fake?
0.3612 Only subhumans would defecate inside their own home like pigs in a sty.

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-0.9274 Stop spamming your trump shit here, no one gives a fuck
-0.8588 Damn, you must be really ugly to get your girl stolen by a tamilian.
-0.8442 Smh, ugly ass Tamilians.
-0.836 There's no use arguing with these retarded Northies.
-0.836 wow wtf i hate faggots now
-0.8176 Mallu whores will fuck anyone that pays.
-0.8074 The smell of shit has caused them to become retarded.
-0.802 Ability to defeat enemies using the stench of their unwashed armpits
-0.765 What the fuck is wrong with white people?
-0.743 Lame as fuck.
-0.6908 you rape what you sow
-0.6908 No one in india gives a fuck about that orange buffoon.