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0.9585 :D I have played Warcraft 3 and yes, I play WoW too and I'm a big fan of the lore as well :D! What about you ?
0.9149 I want this to do well so desperately!!! I've already bought about 4000k worth of tickets for my office colleagues :P It is about 4 months worth of WoW subs :P
0.9107 I'll definitely try it but my new job is starting soon so I'm currently busy preparing for that but I'll get into it when I have the time :D Thanks for the offer :D!
0.8555 I hope one day I can be as relaxed and comfy as this bunny :3
0.8452 Whoa! Well,I don't drink so I hope I won't ever get slapped in a bar or something xD!
0.8449 I like how I look in the unlocked version ;) Jokes apart, this looks really good!!Gonna do the same on my phone :P
0.8364 OH MY GOD! MOAR :3! Haha..jk. I love it!
0.8269 Haha :D! Thanks a lot! I'll stop asking for more now :P
0.8268 Hello :)! How's it going? I also don't have any Reddit friends and I find trusting real people quite difficult,so don't have many friends offline either :P.
0.8176 Thank you everyone :) I will look into all these options :)
0.8172 Thanks! I'll be sure to lookout for that :)

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-0.8714 Thank you!! I'm worried that I might fuck up something or maybe she won't feel comfortable with me :< But I'll keep these tips in mind :3!
-0.8439 God! That sounds horribly screwed up,messing with other people for one's own pleasure,that is just sick :/.
-0.7989 Unfortunately no :/ But I'm looking for someone with whom I can study,I don't want a group this time,it gets too weird. Do you want to give it a shot?
-0.6908 Also, I thought this was r/linux4noobs , not r/elitistjerks ,so if you can't help, please don't comment :)
-0.5719 Too late .I've already experienced the horrors *_*
-0.4404 Yeah,well...so is my life :(
-0.4019 I had a similar problem. It turned out that the iso file had some problems,so downloading it again fixed it .
-0.357 Why not Ola :) ?
-0.1027 Well,I ..kinda like popping bubble wraps :(
-0.0772 r/aww ,r/jellybeantoes,r/eyebleach,r/startledcats,r/wow,r/gaming,r/android Sorry for the formatting, I'm on mobile
0.0 This seems so dark.
0.0 Have an upvote :)!