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0.9013 Now its become just a really fun cosplay to wear since its so simple and I love spinning the baton for it, haha.
0.8655 Oh wow haha I'm flattered!
0.8442 Lmao thanks, I promise I def remember the cold Russian winters though when I was there
0.8439 All credit to that goes to the lovely photographer I worked with - she did an amazing job of guiding me through the shoot!
0.8122 The rifle was made by my friend Moderately Okay Cosplay, and its probably my favorite thing ever!
0.802 I try my best, haha
0.784 Its amazing what a girl can accomplish with some wigs and different outfits!
0.7776 There were a few that I liked but I really want to get more since bubble bae is my favorite.
0.7717 I have him built somewhere on the other side of the shelf and a perfect grade one that I still need to start :)
0.7574 And oh my god that's a great idea!
0.743 Yeah, well, I'm one of your favorite nerds if I do say so myself.

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-0.68 Oh no, poor bunny!
-0.5777 All those mini spikes and such are so intimidating for me still. And I can almost do a push up, does that count?
-0.5423 Who the fuck sets up his commercial recordings don't they have a fucking sceipt
-0.4404 No one else can tell what's going on on the other side of the screen and those types of comments can definitely hurt even the people they're not directly intended for.
-0.4003 I finally finished this cosplay last night right before a shoot, so this means a lot to me!
-0.3612 And sadly no, I don't have any figures yet, but maybe one day when I can afford it.
-0.3595 Oh no, you're onto my plan!
-0.3595 I've worn it to KatsuCon and these photos were taken at Omni Expo!
-0.2411 I'm not sure.
-0.1499 It's only kind of a problem, don't worry, hahah
-0.0772 I'm planning on bringing a bubble gun with me as well whenever this one makes it to a con.
-0.0516 Once in a life time I step out of my Yoko cosplay, I swear.