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0.8979 This tutorial may be helpful https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qzMw_VTDZik As for product suggestions, I think your best bet is a waxy, super think pencil to draw feather-like strokes.
0.8588 Have fun and good luck!
0.826 Please tell me you plan on coming to AUSTIN, TEXAS for this amazing tour!!!
0.8172 Best of luck!
0.7579 Having my eyes looking straight forward while applying the crease shade helps :)
0.7269 I love that blush shade and figured it could work with the warm purples.
0.6908 In general, people like to depot things to either customize their own palettes, or save space.
0.6588 your eye color is awesome!
0.6369 Also- It cosmetics CC cream in medium is wonderfully yellow-toned :) Something I also do if I like the coverage of a product but the undertone is off: mix in with NYX yellow concealer
0.636 Beautiful eyes!
0.6249 You have great eyebrows.

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-0.296 The one thing I'd change: maybe smoke out the black liner on the lower lash line a bit, to open up your eyes a bit more.
-0.2755 The Naked palettes are kind of bulky, IMO and I didn't like the layout
-0.1376 Organized the shades from light to dark, and didn't include Tease bc it sucks.
-0.0772 First of all, as someone with naturally thick brows, I'm sorry that's all you have.
-0.0516 Your hair color is hard to see, but maybe try Taupe in the inner portion and Chocolate towards the tail.
0.0 Flute purchasing is extremely personal, so experimenting is crucial.
0.0 Quick note on materials: the more silver on the flute, the longer it will last.
0.0 And Syrinx, always Syrinx.
0.0 Pillow Talking - Lil Dicky
0.0 actually 19 just basically nocturnal
0.0 My average falling-to-sleep time in the summer is around 4am.
0.0 Since my eyes are kind of close-set, I added an extra pop of a lighter color in the inner corner to balance things out.