/u/_badphil_ is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.8519 You have a great looking pussy, would love to be balls deep.
0.8313 I'll play, but it will have to be best of 3!
0.8268 Wow, you look absolutely fantastic.
0.8268 Wow looking fantastic!
0.8225 Wow you look amazing.
0.8176 Would love to have fun with that hot body x
0.7269 I am definitely enjoying it.
0.7152 Thanks very much for sharing x
0.7152 Thanks so much for sharing x
0.6908 Thanks for sharing and keep it up x
0.6908 Thanks for sharing.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7339 Fucking hell what a body!
-0.2617 Can understand being self conscious about stuff like this, but I think you've got no reason to be.
0.0 Not at all.
0.0 Behind you 100%!
0.0 Looking forward to them!
0.0 That makes two of us!
0.0 Only if a soapy titwank is involved!
0.0 You don't normally go for a view from behind, but I think I could come around after seeing yours x
0.0 Absofuckinglutely
0.0 Stockings really do it for me.
0.0 I wouldn't even go to work if I knew that pussy was waiting for me
0.0 Absolutely not.