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0.9312 looks really great and gave me a good laugh :)
0.9244 Don't be fooled by the bland brown cover; it is filled to the brim with great illustrations, perfect for inspiration.
0.8957 - you might want to get some extra string - just in case :) Hope it helps :)
0.8268 Guess i learned something today as well :) have fun!
0.802 I would love to see it happen :)
0.7964 It would be awesome :)
0.7959 Do it :) Revit is an amazing tool in my opinion!
0.7889 They are incredibly vibrant :)
0.7845 It allows for much easier drawing due to a nice user interface and the huge amount of components available.
0.7717 :) He is both a villain and a great contributer to the strength of the SH pirates.
0.7579 I'm by no means an expert, but i do believe that i'm in top 1/10000 . Oh, and staying positive, i takes a LOT to bring me down.

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-0.6486 This means that not even the actors knew who the killer was until it was revealed at the end of the season.
-0.5574 the wood only weakens as the cross section of the members decrease as it is burned away. EDIT: concrete also weakens as the temperature increases.
-0.5423 Due to this several concrete structures have collapsed after a fire have been extinguished.
-0.4588 I didn't start watching the anime until the manga was already post time skip and, being used to reading at my own pace, the forced pace of the anime seemed exceptionally slow - even pre time skip.
-0.4404 I topple over whenever i try :(
-0.4234 A kindergarten teacher is falsely accused of child abuse, then the entire local community turns against him . It is definitely a must see - can't recommend it enough :)
-0.4019 Getting out of bed in the morning is damn near impossible now.
-0.34 Structures made of heavy duty wood are likely to last longer in a fire than steel structures.
-0.34 at that time the jet plane will be crazy far away....
-0.34 I'm assuming you're talking expert difficulty In that case you have bested me.
-0.3182 When the temperature of the steel increases, it weakens.
-0.2023 Another important aspect is that luffy may have had to fight several beasts at once while on the island.