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0.9306 But yes, she is very remarkable in that sense and it was a very admirable and honourable act.
0.9189 That must be hard but please dont feel discouraged from trying your best!!
0.9127 I have the retreat bag which costs 80 but I got on sale thank god lmao.
0.8979 Its just that I like it when I get asked to share some of the things I learnt by doing my own research so I thought Luciano wouldve enjoyed sharing his knowledge as well.
0.8904 And thats surely a commonly shared thought in this thread she is indeed a role model and I, too, hope to be able to be this forgiving.
0.8807 Best of luck in the future :)
0.8779 Admirable act and certainly a great memory for Eva herself.
0.8762 Many people in this thread talked about her visiting their schools but its amazing that she was active THIS recently!
0.8745 That sounds like a great opportunity!!
0.8619 Im so glad she is still so active, what an inspiring role model.
0.8524 Apparently most people that take politics don't actually know much about it at the start, I'm sure you will learn as you go along but it won't hurt if you do some light reading about it :)

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-0.8674 I have forgotten where I read this but I also believe that it was due to being an ineffective way to kill them.
-0.81 No problem - and it is, but as humanity we can stand together and reflect on this period as, arguably, the lowest point of humankind.
-0.7959 Watch Year 13 be a massive pain in the ass!
-0.7657 I also know that many homosexuals, children and those who were disabled were killed as they were deemed not fit to continue the Aryan race.
-0.7506 Thats saddening that the perpetrator was never caught - however, there is the silver lining that the community came together.
-0.7346 Her experience is very horrifying and something that no human should have experienced.
-0.7096 Am I wrong in saying that this was similar to a scene from The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas, if youve seen it? Ill see.
-0.6994 They even attempted to dig trenches and them bomb the corpses that way but it was also very messy.
-0.6654 LOOOOL oh ffs what am I meant to do with this goat I just bought them?!?
-0.6588 I hear the last year's the worst - one year and then you're done!
-0.636 No problem!
-0.6114 Tbh Id hate if I were breathed down my neck and constantly reminded about reading a book so I understand why youd change!