/u/Zero_Xile-001 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9393 Wow would love to help you out beautiful
0.9287 Thank you beautiful hope you'll have a fun filled up forth of July as well
0.9287 Love the pic sweetheart and love to see more
0.9081 Ohh my my I can see why, looks sexy and wow love your body babe
0.8957 Ohhh wow, love yoga pants but love seeing you with them even more.
0.891 Thank you beautiful and would love to subscribe to both
0.8885 Its perfect my dear and would love to see more
0.8834 Like an awesome even happened and when she's happy.
0.8805 Ohhh wow what a sexy treat!
0.8714 I have a feeling you'll love just as much or more then I beautiful.
0.8555 *softly pet the sexy little kitty* aww all mine my dear kitty *petting the kitties soft sexy curves*

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.7123 What a sexy dirty little girl you are and I can't help but love the humilation you putting yourself in.
-0.5423 A bad girl with an angel face.
-0.4005 Can you really blame me?
-0.3595 Wooow but ass videos is definitely needed and wanted!
0.0 Then I made the right one already
0.0 Rare to find a diamon when your not looking for it
0.0 Won't know till I try babe
0.0 You've earn a spanking babygirl
0.0 Then you say it
0.0 Don't mind if I do
0.0 I'll say she dose
0.0 Hrmm if you don't have plans tomorrow I'm game