/u/Zaavan is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 Fast shipping bro, glad I am semi-retired and devote some time to fun
0.802 Wonderful way to help solve real issues.
0.7845 safest and best way, this is.
0.6865 Some years ago a very good and dear friend of mine died.
0.6369 yes I do, because I know I suck at it but enjoy it.
0.5994 So according to your theory, I am "racist" because I play basketball a sport that is like hip-hop largely predominated by "blacks".
0.5859 Count me in please and thank you
0.5222 so very true
0.4019 Writer is a friend of mine , who is obviously going through some tough times .
0.3612 agree very much, as I have two daughters also.
0.3612 Full disclosure , I did not write this but did ask if it was alright to post.

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-0.905 While I personally don't like the video , every black person I've shown just thinks it is stupid and does not care about OP's perceived racism.
-0.8807 But when we marginalize real hatred with perceived hate , then we lessen any real gains that have been made to eliminate the evils that men do.
-0.8412 nah, because even a fuck can be enjoyable and this shithead doesn't deserve any enjoyment
-0.7783 no splices to worry about causing trouble later
-0.7783 So , when it come to racism or cries of it I get personal.
-0.7618 then should it not have been wise for those that were not white and involved in the making of this to inform those that were , that what they were doing WOULD be construed as racist
-0.7506 Instead of attacking that you attach to some stupid video to make a point.
-0.6956 so were the black persons involved in the making of this racist?
-0.6486 can you define an "accidental racist" ?
-0.6369 I doubt the PSU is at fault.
-0.6249 I can not stand it when the first thing bellowed is racism when it was not meant to be.
-0.5574 I have since then had to buy a whole new set because she stated that she is not going back to "them crappy ones"