/u/Youngblackandsexy is very positive!

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0.8286 It's perfect, you even got the eyes right :D
0.8122 [And some lovely artwork by very talented redditors]
0.807 This is pretty cool, I really like this style.
0.7777 Gorgeous smile!
0.7777 Thank you, gorgeous!
0.7677 Sorry for the late reply but this is absolutely beautiful
0.7644 It's lovely, thank you!
0.743 Not to mention those yummy thighs <3
0.7351 You should post the third pic in /r/afrodisiac, or the whole album if you want but i think the third one is perfect for that sub.
0.7351 That's a pretty big request haha
0.7163 That's awesome!!!

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-0.6597 I'm crazy jealous of whoever got to tie you up.
-0.6249 If you can acknowledge your experiences with racism then we can acknowledge ours.
-0.6124 Though I *did* look a lot like this when I was 115 but I had smaller boobs and a smaller ass.
-0.6124 Also, you post in BDP but haven't shown yours, I mean, that's just rude.
-0.5423 But in all fairness there's not *that* much of a difference between when i was 115 and me at 125 expect that i had smaller boobs and a smaller ass.
-0.507 You're most likely banned from /r/gonewild because you posted on /r/sugarbaby.
-0.4404 Just block the dude.
-0.296 Some people have no sense of boundaries.
-0.2732 Come post over at /r/afrodisiac, racism isn't tolerated. Also, your hair looks cute.
-0.25 If you only date black women because they have the biggest asses or anything like that, or if you only see a black women as a big ass rather than a human being.
-0.1232 I'm not sure exactly but i think it's because you don't store melanin in your soles.
0.0 I don't have sex either