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0.891 Thank you for sharing your memories with us, Howie sounds like amazing kitty
0.8689 I'm proud to be a part of such an amazing community <3
0.8687 That's an amazing piece, thanks for sharing!
0.8591 Not sure about any nb specific links but I'm always fond of using the [genderbread person] :)
0.8455 That's awesome :D
0.8316 Ayy hope you have a lovely week as well.
0.8172 I love your meowl posts, this one is my favorite!
0.802 Just visiting family in Montana, other than it being a tad warmer than I'm used to it's pretty nice
0.8016 Awesome progress!
0.7964 I hope he gives you tons of love and many years together.
0.784 Looks great, thank you!

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-0.7096 They gauged her around 4, but even then she had some nasty teeth.
-0.6717 I'm with you there, hair every where and dick growth just doesn't sound like a fun experience to me
-0.6476 No worries!
-0.6249 Or having an existential crisis
-0.4939 A new place can be scary for a kitty.
-0.4588 The only difference being calico cats often have more white and tortoiseshell cats are often mottled in color, not trying to be rude, there's just a slight difference in coat pattern
-0.4019 I do not view it as a mental illness.
-0.3818 But is he an attack Torbjrn or defense Torbjrn?
-0.296 At the moment, no.
-0.2561 Don't forget the look of crazy!
-0.0516 I swear he's narcoleptic though, goes from Tokyo Drift to snoring in 5 seconds flat
-0.0516 Oh dang, so if I ordered them a week and a half ago would they get here before I leave late September?