/u/XxsquirrelxX is a total dick!

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0.8588 All I need is our supreme emperor god, giver and taker of life, ruler of all white American creation, Lord Trump!
0.8481 What's next, having a moustache makes you Stalin's great great grandson?
0.8271 I had a kinda similar situation, but instead of getting to feel someone up she just kissed my hand.
0.7947 Nothing says religious freedom like trying to shut down a business for not following his rigid religious rules.
0.7845 It led to our founding, it ended segregation, it secured us all sorts of freedom.
0.7574 One day he will bless us with untold riches and loans!
0.743 Happy Holidays?
0.7184 Yeah we're probably gonna win.
0.6705 Pretty sure the ULM game isn't gonna happen.
0.6249 Pretty sure Idiocracy was made by time travelers to warn us.
0.6114 Happy holidays!" "Did you just say...

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-0.9024 It's not like white people are being killed at a normal rate while black people are being killed at an inflated rate for minor things or anything.
-0.9022 Now its about mindless consumerism, outraged cable news hosts, and threatening minimum wage workers over their choice of words and the store's lack of half-off TVs.
-0.8489 If you go to a party and have literally no way to connect with people because they don't share your love of guns and so you sit lonely in the front yard, you have a bit of a problem.
-0.8481 It's akin to lynching in the 20s, jumpy people killing black people for small things, and in some cases, over outright lies.
-0.8176 They send rape threats.
-0.8176 By the end we had all lost our energy and just left pissed and sad.
-0.8126 God forbid they say "hey please stop killing us", someone comes in with rubber bullets and tear gas and arrests them for "inciting violence".
-0.8074 It's your life, if you wanna waste your life hating black people for no real reason other than "seeing them is offensive", then go ahead.
-0.7932 It means the fucking building is totaled, either wiped off the map or so severely damaged it needs to be rebuilt entirely.
-0.7713 Don't fret about her, OP, she probably lives a very miserable life if her go-to response to being asked if she is registered to vote is to attempt to harass a volunteer.
-0.765 Dick goes up, dick goes down.