/u/XXXLSK is very positive!

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0.9393 This sounds like a smart, savvy and fun woman who I'm sure is capable of taking care of herself.
0.9246 Nicely done, wonderful insight. Also, please consider posting this amazing list in SexLists.
0.8945 Wow, what a great and detailed answer, you're not a bad writer yourself.
0.8934 I would love to have a sub where people post their lists, and only their lists. Had a lot of fun making the "sex list" with my girlfriend and I thought others may enjoy doing the same thing?
0.8883 If I didn't already have the perfect girl for me I would hunt you down, make you marry me, then enjoy all the fun!
0.8665 It's just sex dude, she's not looking for a life partner, a little thing like making noise when he kisses is not a deal ender for most people interested in doing something like this.
0.8555 Love that straight line to fun.
0.8519 Pretty, pretty good.
0.8442 This is a great idea, hope you do well.
0.8356 Wow, what an amazing and prolific list!
0.8219 Man I love the stuff you post, please never stop being the wonderful bad girl you are.

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-0.7959 Lol, damn jealous bitches!
-0.7801 Such a hot little cheating slut.
-0.6808 Must be one hell of a list.
-0.6597 Karen fucked more than 60 guys in the years we were together.
-0.6597 Why be a fucked up person?
-0.5859 It's slut shaming and should not be allowed.
-0.5719 You know, I hate it when you guys come in and give STD advice.
-0.5423 Why the fuck do you guys have to label everything?
-0.5423 Oh fuck off.
-0.4939 So you're asking us to tell you how to harass someone?
-0.4767 Oh for crying out loud.
-0.4767 It must be a sad and lonely life you lead that you take time to write stuff like this.