/u/Willmaster123 is kind of a dick.

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0.9575 But in general, it was still a really interestingly fun and funny and silly episode and I fucking loved it and thought it was great.
0.9117 Because drugs also make it more fun, nobody NEEDS them. I went to a Danny Brown concert in 2012 that was amazing, I had one of the best times, dancing and jumping up and down.
0.8885 Yeah, but this is 2chainz, who is kind of famous for being super educated and smart despite his music being ignant.
0.8804 Most dogs I've met at parties aren't shitting and pissing everywhere lmao.
0.8689 The 90s was such a perfect mix of fun, debauchery, safety, responsibility etc compared to the generations after and before.
0.8608 It isn't the next breaking bad, but for what its trying to be, it is honestly one of the best seasons in the series.
0.8519 It's a very unique form of state controlled economy where they let capitalism reign as free as possible, except the government also has free reign to change and adjust anything to their liking.
0.8399 China has a history of fucking over huge swaths of people for the sort of 'greater good' of future economic growth.
0.8074 Its not only education, its also just straight up wealth Median household wealth is 16 times higher for white families than it is for african american families.
0.8016 I see this sort of counter circlejerk of "rappers are typically from nice suburban areas and arent about that life!" Sure, this is true for quite a few of them.
0.7967 That being said, they do not support terror attacks on us, or terror attacks in general most of the time aside from a few exceptions.

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-0.9398 I don't think Iran is a MASSIVE threat to us, but to act like they only hate us because we hate them is just stupid.
-0.9184 It was kind of like a "hell no, I am not dating anyone, I just fuck bitches" song
-0.9059 Don't get me wrong brooklyn can be sketchy as fuck especially with drugs, but fucking some yuppies are terrified of going to even slightly bad areas
-0.8934 Can we stop applying terrorism to literally every little event in which people die?
-0.8934 Not to mention the 1983 Barracks bombing which killed hundreds of American troops at the behest of Iran, or the 1979-1980 hostage crisis. You guys really have to be naive to think this.
-0.8904 The amount of comments just in this thread saying that harassment and assault 'usually aren't serious' should show you enough of how bad it is.
-0.886 They did not spend a decade funding shia terrorist militias to kill our troops for nothing.
-0.8807 Many vets described going into villages, raping and killing dozens and then leaving.
-0.8797 People really need to stop using terrorism the wrong way.
-0.8747 Just fucking walk away if the dog jumps on you, it's not that hard, you don't need to fucking hurt someone else's dog because it hurt your pride or some weird shit.
-0.8744 Iran has absolutely been hostile to us in a huge amount of ways, especially during the Iraq War where their proxies killed literally hundreds of our soldiers.
-0.872 I get this subreddit is mostly guys but holy shit some of the comments here are awful.