/u/William_S_Jones is very positive!

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0.9241 You are welcome, kinda reminds of GMK Ski Data; but love this better b/c it's DSA & the orange looks to be a different shade.
0.8999 BTW, congrats on having a great lady in your life & being able to enjoy your money & hobbies!
0.8622 Love my pale blues, 80g gatistotles, & 80g teal Outemu switches , they all feel great & very clicky!
0.8599 LOL, funny & true @ the same time!
0.8553 Beautiful, I love this set too!
0.8528 LOL, yes it is. BTW, nice 40s!
0.8268 I'm not close minded, but if someone like this becomes a teacher, it's only a matter of time before they act on their interest!
0.8251 I love doing business w/ you, so it's all good!
0.8221 Great build & I can tell that you enjoy being a parent!
0.8176 Trust me everyone, I believe this is going to be the best 40 option.
0.807 Nice I love it!

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-0.7269 Damn, hurt my soul too.
-0.69 You're killing me, koob!
-0.6808 Hell, you & me both.
-0.6808 My mechmini is loud as hell due to the various clicky switches that I used on mine.
-0.6731 GODDAM, you & you're Fugus!
-0.5983 Shit, you & me, both!
-0.5423 As of late, been saying, "what the fuck am I doing." So, this week, went back to pc games.
-0.5267 Yes sir, I was wrong on troubled minds too.
-0.5093 I'm a big Killer Mike fan!
-0.4019 I've previously been wasting money on [Mechanical Keyboards].
-0.3535 So they are no longer light.
-0.3254 I am GODDAM good & you, sir Koob?