/u/Wildpeach18 is very positive!

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0.8481 But I'm sure there's beautiful women in Canada :)
0.8151 I completely agree, its great!
0.8126 However, nice, funny and hung is something I do appreciate ;).
0.8126 hahaha good one ;)
0.8074 Sounds pretty great to me
0.7964 Hahaha, I smiled when I read that.
0.7964 Thanks for the love
0.7759 You're always very kind, thank you!
0.7644 Hahaha, yes Its the only thing I use!
0.763 You're very sweet :)
0.7569 Haha very good way of putting it!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7959 It's a pain in the ass, cats peeing on every piece of clothing or bedding they can get acces to!
-0.7089 Fucking hell.
-0.1695 I guess you'll never know then ;)
-0.1531 Hahahahaha, sorry not sorry
0.0 That wasn't my intention anyway
0.0 I'm actually 20!
0.0 Need some...
0.0 A hair tie!
0.0 You don't notice anything at all, plus knowing a local here he said he does not either!
0.0 This is my first trip to the US.
0.0 I don't live in Chicago though!
0.0 Literally almost walked in there this morning!