/u/Wickedsmatredneck is kind of a dick.

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0.9349 Best of luck and thanks for helping people get better.
0.8481 You could end up with good bud and someone cute SRC: been there would've loved it if one of my stops turned into a random date
0.8316 Yes and that's mainly what I want but as long as there are garbage cops already enforcing things selectively I'd love to add pot to the list.
0.802 Best of luck to you.
0.7902 Really like where you took it and I appreciated the world building, worth the length.
0.7351 Agreed, they do great work.
0.7003 Hope Pete gets better, my dog is named Pete too.
0.6983 I've clicked 4 times so far, please someone save me
0.6804 I'll edit later and try and make them better, but right now I'm trying to relax on a hotel bed so don't count on it happening soon. And just so we're Crystal clear Democrats are hypocritical too.
0.6771 Well the way I see it smoking pot is an action that doesn't effect another person so I think it's pretty big government to dictate that choice to a citizen.
0.6539 ~~You really like deflecting and not addressing being wrong.

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-0.9393 Nationalism and racism need a government that tolerate their violence, or war to have the chance to do harm.
-0.9325 At least England and other European countries don't have the highest prison population in the world and it is pathetic we let people die basically for being poor.
-0.9313 Philippines has intensity, but no one beats the US scale of harm caused by the drug war.
-0.8957 And if there are 25 people in your group you can bet the family of the person you killed or their friends or people that just hate bandits would kill you on sight.
-0.852 It's difficult because it's utterly unethical for these charges to be elevated because a plant some people don't like was involved.
-0.8519 Enforcement of unethical laws is morally wrong and punishable as stated by the Nuremberg trials.
-0.8519 I mean it's anecdotal but every LEO I've ever encountered knew it was dumb but was "just doing their job" on said arrests.
-0.8442 You said they need that threat, that you're an asshole and would just kill people.
-0.836 The only way to come to the conclusion of pot being bad is through ignorance or stupidity.
-0.8201 Ignorance can be a factor but is by no means the motivation for these peoples evil.
-0.8176 Not disagreeing with rescheduling, but it'd go a long way if LEOs stopped propagating unethical actions based on laws that we made to be discriminatory.
-0.8074 He's literally a war criminal