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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9704 You have a great little sister voice, youthful but not immature, and you read this script with a great energy that made it totally believable and very fun to listen and 'enjoy myself' to.
0.9322 So many amazing audios, Sen, and you continue to blow my Mind ;) Very sexy, you have the perfect voice and can do the bratty tease better than just about anybody I've heard.
0.9184 And of course, Glory to the /u/rubber_foal for this incredibly sexy script as well as the perfect editing.
0.9062 Kudos once again to u/TheUpgrayd for a great, loving Big Sister script.
0.8979 Your voice is clear and your pace is perfectly suited to the great script.
0.8979 I love the way you say *yesyesyes*, and how all resistance crumbles under passionate kisses.
0.8971 Your gentle tone of voice really lends itself well to a great script like this one.
0.8957 [traditional gender roles] is my fetish, lol beautiful voice, lots of need, great audio overall.
0.8807 *sigh of relief that someone actually liked this* Thank you, Sparkle.
0.8801 Listening to you and Lena play together and having so much fun, how obviously in love the two of you are.
0.8779 You have a lovely voice to fire off a wrist-rocket for, and the friendly, teasing tone made it easy to just relax, grip the ol zipper ripper and pump out some penis-pudding.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6956 I don't crack up but I have had *so* many 'what the fuck am I doing?' moments mid-way through a recording.
-0.5859 Shameless dick worshippin' is the best kind of dick worshippin'.
-0.4574 And as the cries of "Please!" rose to a fever pitch, away went all my self-control.
-0.4404 And, of course, every second of dirty talk while you bring yourself off.
-0.4019 It was only after I worked on the other two that I got the bright idea to include period-correct music and then hey, what the hell, some monologue in a language I don't actually speak.
-0.34 Past Tense was *originally* the simplest of the three concepts.
-0.3182 I enjoyed the hell out of this.
-0.2732 There isn't a centimeter of your body on display that I would hesitate to put my lips on.
-0.25 Stuck in *a* hole?
-0.25 Nobody wants to see a greasy box with a bone stuck in it...
-0.2023 A strange game.
-0.1298 I really enjoyed listening to you describe the way you want to be fucked.