/u/Warren4Prez is kind of a dick.

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0.8687 what are your credentials? you need to acknowledge that I am much more intelligent than you, and that you need to submit to my superior intellect and behave accordingly.
0.8519 Readers who want a good health care stock should look into LRCX and LNTH, both rated much higher than Varian and with much better statistics, especially forward-looking
0.8484 Guns do nothing but kill the innocent.
0.8402 It's just Trump and his supporters like you that want to try to spread that lie in order to get the America people not to read or trust journalism.
0.7351 :) There's plenty of people out there who need legal help.
0.6808 have, not has, as there are two subjects--1) the Republican party and 2) its supporters.
0.6486 please tell me that you'll do research and try to be smarter.
0.6124 explain to me what is the significance of Bannon's alleged ties to Weinstein, and why it is worthy of a post.
0.5719 excellent question
0.5574 A substantial majority of Americans favored every provision in the 2013 Sandyhook legislation.
0.5423 what's important are the dreams when not sleeping

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-0.9821 the previous federal assault weapons ban could not be shown to have no measurable effect on violent crime assault weapons are for the battlefield, not city streets
-0.9236 This crap opinion article is by a fucking evil, right-wing moron who doesn't give a shit when Americans are mass killed
-0.9235 you are so right that this horrible corporatist move will block and badly damage any progressive candidate
-0.8957 you have no comment on the substance, but simply seek to defend the Republican assault on American lives by attacking the messenger
-0.8578 This totally false corporatist bullshit is insidious and evil.
-0.836 there is no legitimate hunting use for assault weapons
-0.8016 it really pisses me off when these fascist fake news trolls like this asshole post lies like this
-0.7964 fuck China, they eat shit.
-0.7964 he lies and cheats about everything, stop apologizing for him
-0.7845 you're the stupid right-wing fuck
-0.7579 the South China Sea is international waters, and China's criminal fake constructed islands don't change that.
-0.7559 The 5% of Democrats supporting Reagan were morons who very badly hurt the country by electing the right-winger.