/u/Vyraskills is a total dick!

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0.7351 Lol good luck fighting anyone at level with a mm.
0.7257 LOL if you want to play a character that isn't focused on combat, try moon mage.
0.7227 I doubt I'll be able to break my old habit, but this is the best thing about this thread.
0.7096 This should help weed out the ones who truly want to stay out of PVP.
0.7096 Pretty much just pvp and help out during invasions.
0.6908 You'll sleep better and wake up easier.
0.6697 He played a character named Vanmar, then bought a more powerful character named Jhime.
0.6369 Best thing I ever did in this game.
0.6124 Someone who created a character named "Hive" is looking for roleplay by randomly touching people, and trying to be cute.
0.5994 Someone thinks they're ready to play with the big boys.
0.5773 The pets are overpowered, and I can't even kill at level zombie/mudman.

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-0.9436 I have no issue separating the two, I'm just some little fuckboy guarded bitch that wants to scream bloody murder anytime he gets "ganked" by snerts.
-0.8993 If they attack a Pvp Off player, standard consent rules apply. No more of that ridiculous guarded shit. OR, you know, you guys could just stop being pussies.
-0.8935 I'm too fucking lazy and stupid to learn this shit myself."
-0.8832 thief - High stealth plus heavy damage from backstab lets them stay kind of dangerous. In that order.
-0.8789 The only roleplay you're going to get for that dumb shit is my boot roleplaying it's way into your little diaper covered ass.
-0.8779 That's what I thought...you had a shit mm, and you don't know shit about mm PvP. Now for weapons.
-0.8627 I killed you because you were being a little faggot.
-0.857 Oh shit you dropped your fucking gazorpazorp shitty bastard sword you saved up rat pelts for?
-0.8377 If you didn't have favors and you got killed, you could literally lose your whole character.
-0.8268 This is literally the most crying I've ever seen from someone that got their shit pushed in for acting like a moron.
-0.8225 In the sense that if a WM has AC up, and he's unconsious from MB, you can still kill him with weapons.
-0.8074 My Moon Mage is Khras Motherfucking Kills.