/u/Vresa is kind of a dick.

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0.8553 I think there is better and more compelling ways to incentivize people to play the game, such as making the game better.
0.8385 You can VERY EASILY fix this issue by forming a 5 queue. Also, you're just as likely to play against a new player as you are to play with them.
0.7862 There is little that we as consumers can do about it other than keeping our accounts safe so hackers cannot buy stolen accounts easily on the open market.
0.7717 I don't get why people like Kixstar, maybe he's just the best option?
0.7579 People being good responsible parents who pay attention to what they're kids are doing, talking to them about these issues, and deciding for themselves how they wish to raise their children.
0.7051 *"Do not let perfection get in the way of greatness"* - Someone Realistically, i don't think it will be a perfect solution, but it will be MILES better than the system we have now.
0.6908 It feels like there should be a better system for designating seats per region then just picking a number.
0.6903 Or perhaps it's just a legacy thing that they're working on, but pushed out the UI update while they're still working on it so people could enjoy it
0.6708 Siege's blood/gore is super tame really, violence isn't sexualized or perverted, there isn't torture, there isn't political nuance.
0.6705 Pretty sure this is a fix, not a break
0.6542 I think Siege might have sold a lot better than anticipated, but no, they don't make games that they don't think will be successful.

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-0.8832 Guns feel meaty, have high recoil, have high damage, have a very low time to kill.
-0.8481 The unfair part is that PC players have to suffer through bugs that can be fixed much faster on PC because console people get upset about it.
-0.8316 The worse team should lose and be heavily punished for not paying attention.
-0.8176 Increasing the level requirement is silly and is just something people bitch about just to bitch about.
-0.7964 Suddenly, my insane killing machine shoots roses and confetti if i happen to be aiming at a teammate.
-0.7845 Accidental team kills aren't very common and most people understand when it's an accident.
-0.743 If you want to let a 10 year old play an M-Rated game, fine, but keep it in terrorist hunt.
-0.7351 People using DMCA for anything but actual copyright claims is total bullshit.
-0.7003 Compare this to other games like CoD MW2 no Russia mission, gears of war chainsaw weapon, GTA V, and many more.
-0.6908 They need to pre-record the interviews and MASSIVELY cut down on time it takes to ban.
-0.6833 Similarly, i don't know how compelling "yeah, but people can cheat it!" is.
-0.6808 It should follow the same stupid reasoning of "well, no one knows how to counter/play them so they shouldn't be in ranked".