/u/Voidbane is kind of a dick.

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0.9483 DS2 is more casual friendly than DS1, so naturally you'll get scrubs from games like LoL or CoD, that play like in LoL or CoD
0.8885 Yeah, everyone experiments, but the ones who stay in it are the ones who do it for the easy wins and chunks.
0.8481 I tried to win by playing something that's not hunter or lock. Also, I thought casual was easier than ranked.
0.8176 itt: ratfags acting like they're cool, and not just scrubs relying on mob ganks to get cheap wins
0.7964 Just summon randomly and hope for the best.
0.7783 Like I said, you sound like the typical LoL player.
0.7711 But let's hope that HS doesn't turn out like LoL, which is a dark spot on the history of video games and human intelligence in general.
0.7509 It was a joke, but don't let me interrupt your self importance and pompousness
0.743 I don't get all the hype with this person, I guess /r/hearthstone likes to circlejerk over some asian that acts like it's his birthday every time RNG favors him .
0.7269 If playing the game instead of making others do it for you is "elitist" in your mind maybe you should find a game made for your type, like LoL or CoD.
0.7158 Also consider that many people that play HS play LoL too, so don't be surprised if the stupidity of the average HS player is pretty high.

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-0.9572 Worst as in tragic, Robb's. Worst as in "are you fucking kidding me, come on", Oberyn Worst as in lame and exaggerated, show Oberyn.
-0.927 HS is filled with casuals, casuals cry when people get mad at them, so casuals don't accept friend requests out of fear.
-0.9052 This is every casual's excuse. I don't know about you, but I would be ashamed to be too scared to fight someone 2v1.
-0.8934 Invaders already work for their kills, playing hide and seek, then having to fight 3v1 to kill the host.
-0.8885 You and the other guy that replied calling me a douche are the cancer destroying DS2 pvp.
-0.8399 Lame sound effects and lame commentary sort of ruined it.
-0.836 No, you sound silly because you are stupid, not because I make you look stupid.
-0.8225 Invasions is where real PvP is at. And I have all the reasons to believe that if you're a bitch when you get invaded, you're a bitch in all forms of PvP.
-0.802 You're probably the type that panics and summons two phantoms when he gets invaded, then spams gestures once the invader is dead.
-0.7876 They used to be, but now in DS2 invading is dead, at least in NG.
-0.7845 Wrong, it's not the invaders that are douchebags in cookie cutter builds, it's the hosts and blues, and they even have the nerve to come and bitch about it here.
-0.7845 I'm a troll because you got butthurt over the fact that I insulted your shitty little autism fest of a game, boo hoo.