/u/VirtualGeisha is very positive!

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0.9579 I'm lucky I have my childhood friends all around the world, so I save a lot of money since I am pretty much staying with them and they help guide me around :)
0.9353 :D My life is pretty great now and I accomplished it myself.
0.935 I'm glad, all these compliments are helping me feel motivated to go more consistently :D
0.8602 aw love you don't need to waste your time with them too :)
0.8555 lol true xD
0.8286 :D my boobs look weirdly good there haha
0.8271 awww <3 if I made some people smile today too that makes me feel fuzzy inside :3
0.8176 /r/hapasgonewild Genetics are pretty cool and what gets expressed, so here you can get to see lots of different mixed asian girls :)
0.8074 thank you for appreciating <3
0.802 Will try my best :) I do get messages from people from time to time that I really changed someone's perspective on this topic and it motivates me to keep going
0.802 haha, I just love travelling much too much.

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-0.8883 I get terrible ingrowns and they were so bad the scars haven't faded all of these years later :( And the ones on my stomach are from key hole surgery when I had internal bleeding in my abdomen.
-0.765 What they said didn't affect me in a negative way, I was just hoping to change their opinion on rape victims/sex workers/exhibitionists.
-0.743 maybe it's santa trying to say merry christmas- but he chocked on dick and couldn't finish the rest :/
-0.6808 Then pointing back to the fact that I was raped.
-0.4767 am I wrong to think that?
-0.3612 Depends on how I feel and how lazy I am
-0.3089 I can't help how others perceive me racially.
-0.1243 more like severely underweight
-0.1174 Honestly pity your daughter and the stuff she has to put up with you once she gets older, you don't seem empathetic or able to understand things out of your own perspective.
-0.0772 I never do irl meet ups sorry.
0.0 My fianc /u/virtualronin
0.0 If you have watched the part 1 previous stripping video, you can tell though I was into her .