/u/Vestidral is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9218 My Mercy is top 300 for PSN currently but I'm quite comfortable playing any support.
0.8726 Im a support main so I would absolutely love to join.
0.8714 Want to duo que later? I can play all of them supports so I feel like we would be good. Add my own Vestidral if you're down
0.8705 I was ranked 187 for mercy this season before dropping her but I always love to develop a good real sense when I que with people.
0.8689 I would love to add you though always good to have a support main.
0.8658 I'll generally be playing Mercy or Ana but I am flex with all the supports, save Symmetra.
0.8591 Would love a healer to keep me alive in Quick play or even if you want to tank I'll heal.
0.8522 The only reason I drop is because I play with my gold friends too much and I solo que a lot but, not that I made my smurf I won't have to worry about that haha.
0.8519 Definitely would love to play with a Zarya main.
0.8422 I would offer my friend too but he rages pretty easily lol
0.8255 I really would also love to have a friend I can just chat with about anything.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6705 I'm tired of losing.
-0.5413 Solo que and lack of a team really discouraged me from playing much comp.
-0.5267 Hell yeah my dude.
-0.5106 I am seriously annoyed with the amount of people that don't use a mic.
-0.3948 I can't play with you until your placements are over though since I'm in Diamond but I'm usually always down to play!
-0.3261 Sorry I actually can't play with you now.
-0.296 You'll hit plat in no time.
-0.2732 I will not shut up on the mic, I will always be giving a location status on enemy as sighted, any character switched and flankers.
-0.2584 I just don't get to play them due to everyone wanting me to be a spupport.
-0.25 Hell yeah I'm in Diamond and so are 4 others.
-0.25 I have over 300 hours with just her alone.
-0.2144 I'm a top 400 mercy, was top 300 but kept losing.