/u/VegaThePunisher is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 Anyone who wants to join the party and help move major issues should be given that opportunity. Not these horseshit games when the coalition barely has any power.
0.7688 So brave and special.
0.6742 He doesnt care about anyone but himself and he saw the nazis as loving him too.
0.6705 Yes, you have theories of how they could have been saved.
0.6369 So one article 30 years that mentions his expanding business means he revitalized NY? You must love that shilling.
0.6369 Can we win an election somewhere first? And there are only two kinds of politicians, scared and comfortable.
0.6369 I am sure you know better.
0.6369 We cover all based just like the tea party did. This isnt about football.
0.6358 No, actually facts are true whether a court says they are or not. OJ killed his wife.
0.6249 Yes, he actually emailed nazis and got their feedback on how best to inflame racial tensions by exciting white nationalists and offending everyone else.
0.6124 Oh my god, you are on your knees getting that orange good stuff.

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-0.9153 The GOP exploited the dead Americans at Benghazi for 5 years. Now, they dont seem to be too concerned when Americans are killed.
-0.8779 A white criminal in NYC. Now stop fucking asking for the race of the perp every single crime paranoia post.
-0.8761 And vandalism can get you into trouble. But people need to channel that, especially young people, so we can avoid this disaster again.
-0.826 No my claim was that you were full of shit by claiming this douche revitalized NY.
-0.7263 He was making comments about other bullshit but couldnt just mention the guys screaming jews will not replace us!
-0.7184 Damn you massively failed.
-0.7003 Us Americans will correct the stupid mistake we made, comrade.
-0.6996 They are nazis and just killed someone!
-0.6808 No one mentioned antifa? Now youre just lying.
-0.6808 A vigilante murderer?
-0.6652 You carried a lot of water there, but failed.
-0.6597 He fucked up.