/u/Uniqueandfun is very positive!

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0.9423 You have true beauty hope you're feeling better :)
0.8832 She looks amazing hope she has fun!
0.8555 I love to fish as my kik profile picture is of my boat....my very expensive baby so in my off time I love being on the water with lines dropped.
0.8479 You're very welcome keep up the good work :)
0.8162 You're absolutely beautiful :)
0.8162 You're very welcome beautiful
0.8162 You're very beautiful :)
0.807 Life looks pretty amazing!
0.7964 It looks great on you :)
0.7964 Great job :)
0.7901 Seems like the best advice has already been given!

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-0.9349 I don't know about other men but you can typically stop it if you have to really go, it doesn't really creep up to where you would accidentally piss when trying to have sex or fuck someone's face.
-0.807 It's so sad you came home alone :(
-0.6908 You can always use the I just started my period or fake an emergency.
-0.68 Killer bod!
-0.25 Hello Jess I know you posted a long time ago on Reddit, your story and how you feel alone, I too am in a somewhat similar position and too have a child with CP.
0.0 Hemmoroids!
0.0 You nailed it!
0.0 I pm'ed you
0.0 Indeed I am and you're very welcome:)
0.0 I'm originally from Kentucky but joined the Navy and once I got out settled in Florida.
0.0 And you look amazing...
0.0 Discuss it with your doc, there are many different antidepressants out there maybe you just have to find the right one that works for you.