/u/Uncharmful- is kind of a dick.

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0.9194 Nothing great and Halo level, but still good enough to devote attention to. You won't get sick of it anyway, and it's unique.
0.7717 He wants his creations to become as great as possible.
0.6705 The Twin Towers looked pretty cool, I guess.
0.6369 If they achieve this the believers will be brought to Paradise.
0.6369 I tried my best bud, can't be totally realistic
0.6124 The Beta had locked character creation, chances are, if it did happen, he meant it wouldn't be random creation.
0.5868 That the Earth is hollow with entire continents inside. It's complete horseshit but also really fucking cool to think about.
0.5719 Similar, but I'm not gonna claim it's true.
0.5106 Haha, want to PM?
0.5106 Bud, as I said, this is some fun.
0.4939 You're putting two aircraft that belong to friendly nation against each other.

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-0.8689 It didn't happen. If you're going to use "talking about something stupid" as an insult then America sure is fucked.
-0.8625 The typhoon out matches every other nations aircraft. Lastly, as there's no point in arguing against your stupidity because I'll be downvoted by American reddit patriots, learn what gullible means.
-0.8439 The world is hit by a zombie apocalypse and everything goes to shit, nations see this as a an opportunity for war or think it's some kind of attack. What's going to happen eventually?
-0.8357 Tell them about your problems, the punishment might be different You can ask your parents to file a restraining order if it's really a problem.
-0.802 The light glistening off the blood, the deep rumble of four assault rifles, the sobbing of a strange woman in the background..
-0.7579 "GUYS WE FOUND ALIE- Oh for fucks sake Venera you stupid fucking robot."
-0.7574 Apparently a loud man with incredibly racist and divisive beliefs that have no basis in reality can get elected to head office.
-0.7555 "Yeah alright then." *turns back* *You accidentally shoot him again* "NO NO WAIT IM SOR-"
-0.7339 They are making loot and mechanics their first priority, not making a face with higher cheekbones! Fucking hell people are so quick to judge this game
-0.6908 They kill everything.
-0.6908 No, more crimes are just being reported, and crime is actually going WAY WAY down.